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Photo-A-Day #3440

Right before the kids went up for their tubbies tonight I noticed that the sky looked awesome so I wanted to take some photos of the kids. I just haven’t been able to figure out how to get a great sky and a well lit set of kids. I opted for the well lit kids on this one. They played around like little silly kiddos and did all sorts of poses. Andrew copying everything that Eva did. Such a cute little pair of nuts.

A Fine Morning

Photo-A-Day #3040

Each morning at work I get to see some pretty cool skies. They are also obstructed by light poles and cell phone towers. So, this morning there was a great looking sky and I went downstairs and outside to take a few photos. I had to take a light pole out of the middle of this photo. It was pretty much the only way to get a whole shot of the sky and the great colors there.