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Special Edition Skylander: Green Flame Fire Bone Hot Dog

Photo-A-Day #3447

There was a giveaway that happened with Lays and Skylanders for 3 different special edition Fire Bone Hot Dog characters. I was lucky enough to win one of them, the green flamed one. I love the look of a clear character with one of the major parts, the flames on the bone, in color. I probably would have had green flame on the base as well. I think that would have really made this version of Fire Bone Hot Dog pop.

I’ve got Skylanders on the brain because I am headed to New York tomorrow to go to a Skylanders After School Event. I attended one of these last year for Swap Force and had a great time. This year I get to go back again and bring along Andrew. The two of us in the city, that should be interesting.

I ordered a Skylanders Trap Team Trapmaster Named Gearshift. Did You?

Skylanders Trap Team Gearshift

Yesterday I was on a family adventure and I saw my Instagram feed blowing up with the photo above. That is Gearshift a new character for the Skylanders Franchise. She is the first female Trapmaster announced for the Skylanders Trap Team game that is to be released October 5, 2014. Gearshift is the first individual character that fans can pre-order of the game. I rushed off to Amazon.com today and pre-ordered Skylanders Trap Team Gearshift Character (Affiliate Link) for myself.

You can learn more about Gearshift and Skylanders Trap Team After the jump. Continue reading I ordered a Skylanders Trap Team Trapmaster Named Gearshift. Did You?