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SteamPunk Snow Removal

Photo-A-Day #3226

I’ve been having fun with these SteamPunk Goggles. Today I wore them all over the place including out to clean off the cars before school. Later I wore them over at the gym. I thought it would be fun to wear them there. I also brought my new Jabra Sport Wireless+ headphones. They are really nice and I’ll be doing a review of them soon. They are comfortable and it was cool to workout to my own music.

No Time for Love Doctor Jones

Photo-A-Day #2401

It was a quiet day at the house. Eva woke up and came to our bed because she wanted to snuggle. She wants to wake up and come and give Allison snuggles and talk to the baby. She’s very excited about the new baby coming. She’s done this the past couple of days. She wants to be a big sister so badly. Continue reading No Time for Love Doctor Jones