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Get a Jump on Father’s Day with #KmartOutdoor

Enjoying a pre-Father's Day Patio Party thanks to #KmartOutdoor
Enjoying a backyard cookout with our friends to break in the new Patio Set.

Today we had a pre-Father’s Day party on our brand new patio set that we got from Kmart. We invited our friends Greg and Adrienne over along with their kids for a cook out. We’re all part of the same CSA (Community Sourced Agriculture) and we even had some of our most recent crops with dinner. The kids enjoyed hot dogs and the adults had some Johnsonville Chorizo patties along with fresh pineapple and guacamole. After dinner we enjoyed a delicious berry crumble that Adrienne made. It was the perfect way to break in the new set.

The Table and Chairs in their new location
The new Patio Set its new location.

Father’s Day has typically been a day for us to enjoy a BBQ with Dad. We sometimes do breakfast and in the past we’ve done a kayak trip, a trip to the Cape to make sand angels, a trip to Mystic to go to the Aquarium and on my first Father’s Day I had gone to Hot Air Balloon Festival. Now I work weekend nights so I sleep all of Father’s day away (a dream of many dads, LOL). However, this coming Father’s Day we’re taking a Boston Harbor Cruise on the Spirit of Boston and that should be memorable.

We are going to get a lot of use out of this patio set. Most of the summer we eat outside on a nightly basis. We’ll have friends and family over for cookouts. I look forward to many backyard cookouts with this patio set, having my own Dad over so he can enjoy the kids. Allison and her friend Kelly are doing a Backyard Books and Bags Bash, a co-branded party to sell Barefoot Books and 31 Gifts. This new Set is going to get some use. But first I had to build it. Continue reading Get a Jump on Father’s Day with #KmartOutdoor

Love in Chalk Form

Photo-A-Day #2620

I got home today without a headache and so I was ready to go to finish with the chairs before sleeping for the day. Allison made us a nice breakfast and then I went out to the garage. Working on things first thing in the morning was great because the garage was cool and I could get right down to assembling the chairs. I was joined by Eva who wanted to watch. So I had her sit on one of the chairs told her that she could ask me questions and I’d answer them but I could not concentrate on assembling things and coming up with questions and jokes for her. She seemed okay with that for a while and then got out a workbench toy and pretended to be building as well. Continue reading Love in Chalk Form