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Hooray for Space Day!

Photo-A-Day #2926

Today was Space Day at Eva’s school. Eva has been excited for this day for over a week and a half and has talked non stop about space. We’ve recorded shows that had space themes for her to watch and she even made her own planet.

We arrived at her school after Andrew’s Swimming lesson. Eva met us in her space helmet, which I think was so well done. She took us into the room and there were tons of space related things for us to do. There was even a spaceship in the room. The spaceship had three kids chairs and old school headsets for the kids to wear. The pilot had two joysticks for flying the ship, the navigator sat behind the pilot and and wrote notes and I’m not sure what the third one did. Andrew spent a lot of time in the spaceship and we got this photo of him.

Han Solo, the early years

The snacks were Astronaut Ice Cream, dried fruit and space shaped goldfish. It was very cute. Eva was bouncing all over the place showing us everything that she made and everything that she wanted to play with. The room normally has a sand table and they replaced the sand with blue colored rice and space toys.

I love how well done Space Day was done, it really reinforces the confidence in the decision to send Eva to this school.