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Begin With the End in Mind

Begin With the End in Mind
Photo-A-Day #1468

Tonight Allison and I went with our friend’s Neil and Andrea to the wake for our friend Meghan’s Mom. A real testament to the legacy of a person and their character can often be seen not in the money they made but in the people whose lives they touched. We arrived to see a line stretching across the parking lot at 6:45pm. We saw the family at 9:45pm when we saw the family. Certainly Meghan’s mom, Nancy, touched many, many lives.

Steven Covey’s second habit for highly effective people is “Begin With the End in Mind”. I can’t quite remember what Covey said in the book (I need to re-read the 7 Habits soon) but I can say that as we drove home my mind went right to that chapter title. To me this means that you should think about your own wake and funeral.

Who will be there and what will they say about you? Will they spend 3 hours in line to pay their respect because they know you, your children, your grandchildren? You have a role to play in all of that and I think that the more you give back of your time, talent and to some extent treasure you leave a legacy that is very rich. Clearly Nancy left a very rich legacy.