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Misty Morning Fog

Photo-A-Day #2346

So, I got out of work this morning and went to my car. the windshield was covered with droplets of water and when I put my phone into the holder it accidentally snapped this photo. I liked how it looked and so I decided to keep it for today’s photo. It just looks really cool in a frosted sort of way.

A quiet day of sleep, until everyone mowed their lawns. I can’t fault anyone for that but If I’d been asleep I’d probably not heard anything. I keep trying to figure out the best way to get to sleep and stay asleep. I read a little to get myself to fall asleep and try and read again. Sometimes I just keep reading and sometimes I can actually get back to sleep.

I’m on the last three books in the Sword of Truth series. I just finished Naked Empire and started Chainfire. These are by Terry Goodkind.

Tranquil Sleep Day

Photo-A-Day #2339

On those days when I have the house all to myself (Allison and Eva were at Paul’s Funeral and then a family event and then staying with grandparents) and I can sleep the whole day away (I work all night, I’m not just being lazy), it never happens. I have the worst sleep. It is probably because I spend the time poorly. I figure I’ll get home have a little breakfast watch a quick show lay down and read till I fall asleep. For the most part that is what happened but I slept only for a while and woke up, couldn’t get back to sleep, read more but it didn’t put me to sleep. Sheesh. Continue reading Tranquil Sleep Day