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Unboxing Gear Force Horsepower Toys from TOMY

Gear Force Horsepower
Photo-A-Day #4171

TOMY sent us four Gear Force Toys for free to play with and review. This video is of our honest opinions on the toys.

Gear Force are a series of vehicles that come with 2 inch action figures, tools and swappable gear that can be used on other vehicles. Many of the vehicles have lights and sounds. We received the Ford F-150 Raptor, the Honda Civic Type R, The Ford Mustang GT and the Polaris RZR. As we unboxed each I show you all the gear that comes with the vehicles and then we start to mix and match them. There is plenty of gameplay action to be had. Being able to mix and match the Gear Force Horsepower accessories amongst the vehicles is key. Kids can have hours of fun playing with these toys and making up their own adventures.

There are many real world vehicles available including a Freightliner Semi playset that can be used as a base of operations for your Gear Force Horsepower team. There are also motorcycles so the range of figures and vehicles is vast and can fit any budget. From $9.99 motorcycle sets to $49.99 Freightliner Semi sets and everything in between. You can see what we thought in the video below and after that more information on the four vehicles that we reviewed.

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