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Me Grimlock, Me King

Photo-A-Day #14

Grimlock is one of my favorite characters from the Transformers. His most recent incarnation is that of a Ford Mustang GT. He was a dinobot, (a Tyrannosaurus Rex even.) when Transformers came out 20 years ago. I can’t believe I still like a toy line that has been going strong for 20 years. Anyway, this line of Transformers are called Alternators. They were made as a line for collectors and the line is awesome, the detail and the complexity of the transformation is fantastic. I saw Grimlock on my desk and put him up on my computer to give a different perspective for the shot. Notice too Optimus Prime off in the background. He may become a future Photo-A-Day subject. Also check out the computer screen it is a picture of Grimlock and Slingshot of the Arielbots playing football, slingshot is about to get smashed. That image is from the Stupid Lamborghini Tricks website.

Mister Meister Jazz

Photo-A-Day #11

This is the front end of Meister, the Japanese name for Jazz, a member of the Autobots. It is one of the Transformers Alternators that is sitting on my desk. I was messing around with the macro lens on my camera while photographing for my new gallery, Harley Davidson Pins, and I decided to take a shot of the wheels on Meister.