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On The Warpath

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01913

I’ve gotten many of my Transformers figures out to display them and today I found another box of figures that I knew I had but hadn’t found previously. I knew that I had many figures that were updated figures that were reimagined G1 characters. One such character was Warpath the tank. I think they did an excellent job making this guy look like a total beast. Warpath was small in the show but powerful. He was part of the second wave of minicons. I think that I’ve gotten all that I’m going to take down from the attic for now. Got a couple more things on order to add to the display. I may try and find the Alternators and Binaltech figures and maybe some of the Botcon sets but maybe not. Depends on how many more times I want to go back up to the attic.

My Wheeljack Collection

Wheeljack shelf
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01910

My Transformers Collection is now in residence in my office. Well, not the whole collection as there are so many more in the attic that are in boxes. I think I may have two or three more that are in boxes. There are also two more that I have not yet gotten in the mail. One of them is sold out but I hope to find it.

Transformers display

I also dug out a huge box of my original Transformers toys and I set them up in my display case. The top of the case are some specialty figures that I ordered. The next shelf down are my Autobots. Then the Decepticons. Under that are a mixture of figures from the 1986 movie and the bottom is full of random ones that I opened and like. Many are homage characters to their G1 counterparts. I realized that I had 5 out of the six original seekers (Decepticon jets) and maybe I might have another one up in the attic. I’ll have to look later this week.

Optimus and Wheeljack case

My Optimus and Wheeljack figures. These were my first two figures.

random transformers

the bottom row with random Transformers.

Omega Supreme and others

Omega Supreme and some of the Transformers Movie figures.


MY Decepticons. I never had a Megatron because he was a gun.


All my original autobots.