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Twinkly Candies Stars

Twinkly Candies Stars
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The folks from Twinkly have hooked us up again. This time with a sample of their newest lights, the Twinkly Candies. Twinkly Candies come in four varieties and Eva choose the Stars version because she loves the moon and the stars and though that these would be amazing for her room. I’ve already gotten a few great Twinkly products int eh past and I know how cool they look when you program the lights individually with the Twinkly App. That is the coolest thing about these lights. You can control every single one of the 200 light set. Program them to over 16 million colors.

These will look amazing once she cleans up in her room so we can put them on the wall. We will do that soon, but I wanted to mention that these are available now on Amazon.com for $69.99 and come in 4 varieties. There are the stars, hearts, pearls and candles. More information about these amazing lights can be found below.

MILAN, Sept. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Italian-based smart lighting brand, Twinkly, today introduced its newest line of LED lights – Candies. Available today in four unique shapes ­– Pearls, Stars, Candles and Hearts – the string lights come equipped with the brand’s revolutionary LED design and app-controlling abilities, along with a more accessible price point, just in time for back to school and the holidays.


Designed with lightweight material and a USB-C connection, the Candies are portable, easy to move around, and compatible with other major electronics on the market today. The product is also completely customizable when paired with the Twinkly app (available for iOS and Android), which allows users to choose between 16 million+ colors or a wide range of preset effects and animations to give users endless décor options, whether it’s to add a whimsical flare to a room or light up the home for the holidays.

“Candies are unlike anything we’ve designed in our smart LED light collection to date,” says Andrea Tellatin, CEO of Twinkly. “By taking advantage of our signature brand features and applying it to a product that’s more portable, lightweight, and marked at a competitive price point, we’re giving people a whole new way to truly lighten up their space in an easier, more functional way. Whether that’s adding something new and fun to a room or taking holiday décor to the next level, Candies – and all its different shape offerings – are designed for everyone.”

Twinkly Room

Once the lights have been set up, users can download the Twinkly app and scan the lights so the brand’s mapping technology can map each individual LED to help generate the different personalization options. Users also have the freedom to create custom effects from scratch using the FX Wizard tool, making Candies one of the most diverse lighting products on the market today.

Twinkly Candies are available to purchase in the U.S. via Amazon, Target, Walmart and Twinkly.com at $49.99 for 100 LEDs and $69.99 for 200 LEDs. In Canada, Candies are available on Amazon and Best Buy.

For additional information on the Candies and where to purchase them, visit https://www.twinkly.com.

About Twinkly

Twinkly is an Italian tech company and market leader in smart lighting. The company was founded in 2016 and, within a few years, has already become a global brand. Twinkly has revolutionized the world of decorative lighting with a range of technologically advanced, patented and internationally awarded products. Twinkly offers a complete ecosystem of connected LED lights that can be easily controlled via your smartphone. Technologically advanced, a special computer vision algorithm detects the exact position of each light in the room, allowing you to customize your lights and create extraordinary lighting effects. From Christmas decorations to entire building facades, from smart homes to theme parks, from illuminated furniture to concerts and scenic installations, Twinkly’s advanced technology makes the ability to decorate with light within everyone’s reach. For more information, visit https://www.twinkly.com.

Firing up the Twinkly Squares

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01663

I was in a meeting for work tonight and our new manager noticed a large black square behind me. They asked what it was and I told them about the Twinkly Squares. Unfortunately during our meeting I could not get it turned on because I had it plugged into the wrong plug and it would not turn on. I was able to turn it on after the meeting. I guess I’ll go ahead and start using the twinkly more to decorate the office.