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My Diablo IV Avatar

Diablo IV
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01542

I took this using screenshot mode on my XBov and so it is a photo I technically took. There was an open beta for Diablo IV on XBox and I created myself an avatar that looked as close as I could make it look to me, if I was a shape shifting giant druid. There are a few character types to choose from and I chose the Druid specifically because they can use magic and also become a bear or a werewolf. The druid can also have a pair of wolves with them to fight all the crazy enemies that home their way.

The game is fun to play, I played the original Diablo and Diablo II way back when but now it is much more detailed and the gameplay is rather fun. A good change of pace from Fortnite. I’m not sure if I will continue past the beta since the game itself is $100.

The LEGO Marvel Video Games Collection has Been Announced


One of the first LEGO video games I played was LEGO Super Heroes. I had that back on my Nintendo Wii. I also played it on my Nintendo 3DS. It was a fun game and when LEGO Marvel super Heroes 2 came out on the Nintendo Switch I was thrilled. I loved playing through all the levels. I even picked up LEGO Marvel Super Heroes on my XBox One. I guess I should have waited because I learned that the entire LEGO Marvel Collection of games is coming to PS4 and XBox One as one entity. I have not heard word yet about the game coming to the Nintendo Switch yet, I hope that it will like the LEGO Harry Potter Video Game collection did. You can read more about the games and release details below. Continue reading The LEGO Marvel Video Games Collection has Been Announced