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Rather Pleasant Exchange At Walmart

Two pack at Walmart
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01925

Allison and Eva and I went to Walmart to pick up some batteries for the new salt and pepper shakers. While I was there I found a special two pack of Transformers figures for $20. This included Perceptor and Wheeljack. I already had the wheeljack but wasn’t sure so I grabbed it anyway.

Upon leaving I was looking through the batteries and a guy came up to me and asked to see my shirt better. He got excited and stated, “Ultra Magnus!” While, technically, this could have been Ultra Magnus it was a humorous Tshirt depicting Optimus Prime as “Amazon Prime”. We started talking and come to find out he was a huge Transformers fan, too. He was also a collector of Transformers and we showed each other photos of our collections. It was a totally strange, yet cool, exchange.

PBS Titles in Walmart’s “Back to School Preschool Promotion”

We received four DVDs from PBS Kids. They were great to have with us on our trip to the Cape. Andrew had a great time watching the Daniel Tiger DVDs and Eva liked the WordGirl and Arthur DVDs. There was also a Caillou DVD which we did not watch but gave to my nephew because he enjoys the show. These DVDs are part of the Walmart “Back to School Preschool Promotion”.


Just Because School is Not in Session Doesn’t Mean Your Child Stops Learning…

Arlington, Va. – July 7, 2014 – PBS Distribution proudly announces its participation within a Walmart promotion entitled the “BACK TO SCHOOL PRESCHOOL PROMOTION,” – entertaining children during the summer months when school’s out. The PBS Distribution portion of the promotion is aimed to encourage children to continue their learning throughout the summer. The “BACK TO SCHOOL PRESCHOOL PROMOTION” features kids’ favorite characters – CAILLOU, WORDGIRL, ARTHUR and DANIEL TIGER – within episodic DVDs that cover the major learning categories taught throughout the academic year. Among the subjects featured are social skills, reading, math, and science. Continue reading PBS Titles in Walmart’s “Back to School Preschool Promotion”