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Lonely Cats

Lonely Cats
Photo-A-Day #1336

At home with Oliver and Duncan (pictured here). I decided that I will do both manual focus and manual setting for a while and I love how Duncan looks. Duncan has been very, very needy today. He tried to spend as much time as possible with me. I worked from home today and he was with me all the time.

First thing this morning I took Allison and Eva to the airport. They headed on down to Florida for a week long vacation. I didn’t get to go this time but it is an early Christmas present for Allison to spend some time with her parents and for Eva to spend time with Mimi and Grandpa Dano.

There are some amazing things happening for me online lately.

Nokia Buzz Creation
I was picked to be one of 20 diverse bloggers to test out the new Nokia 6650 on the AT&T network and chronicle my life for the week of December 15 – 21. I would have liked to have had Christmas week but that didn’t work out. But prepping for Christmas is cool too. Check out the Nokia Chronicles website.

The Big Deal thought, is my appointment to the IZEA Insiders
It is official that I am now part of the IZEA Insiders. I’m crew leader for the “I’m Not A Famous Blogger Crew” and I need to start recruiting crew members. So far I have some great bloggers in my corner such as Karen, Tim, Michelle, Pete (He’s also on Nokia Chronicles and featured till the 7th) and Lenny. If you are a reader of The BenSpark and a member of SocialSpark and you want to be part of my crew just send me a message or leave me a comment. The official start date for IZEA Insiders is January 1, 2009. But prior to that I am going to be running a promotional contest for those bloggers who are part of my crew. That contest will happen in the next few weeks so that gives people time to join the “I’m Not A Famous Blogger” Crew.

Ways to keep up with the crew
Follow our work on Twitter
A Crew Only Facebook Group
A Crew Only Flickr Group
And The Official “I’m Not A Famous Blogger” Blog

Site Sponsorship
You may have noticed that this blog is being sponsored but Kmart for a little while. IZEA has been running an amazing promotion with Kmart. They gave 6 elite bloggers $500 to spend at KMart and a $500 gift card to give away. Remember folks, I’m Not A Famous Blogger so no $500 gift card for me. But I have entered the contests and they can be found all over the place. However since I am that nice a guy I’ll give you the list right here.

Chris Brogan
Loren Feldman
Jeremy Schoemaker
Wendy Piersall
Michelle Madhok
Julia Roy

Check out those posts and maybe you could win $500 to shop at Kmart.