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Finding Love on Third Earth

Photo-A-Day #2473

If you have not seen the new Thundercats show and would like to then don’t read because this is spoiler laced. This is your only alert.

When I was a kid I watched Thundercats daily. I always thought that Cheetara and Tygra belonged together. Thundercats received a reboot this past July with the premiere of the new show on the Cartoon Network. A darker story with an excellent storyline, in my opinion. The first season was 13 episodes and I am not sure when the second season is going to premiere (IMDB is wrong right now) but the end of season one had a pretty shocking reveal, for Lion-O at least. Cheetara chooses Tygra over Lion-O. This was not really a shock to me and shouldn’t have been for the audience after all the backstory about Tygra and Cheetara growing up. Continue reading Finding Love on Third Earth