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3D Animals, A Very Fluffy Kitty and Aquaman!

LEGO Dimensions Aquaman Fun Pack
Photo-A-Day #4159

Andrew and I started off our morning by playing some LEGO Dimensions. We played through a couple of the levels together and then we got to a point where we needed Aquaman. I had purchased that Fun Pack a little while ago and I told him. Andrew wanted to go and get it right away so I figured, what the heck, let him open it up and build it. He’d love it. Andrew did a great job building the figure and the vehicle.

When Eva came home we worked on a review for The EXTRAORDINAIRES. She did a great job on it. I will be posting that up separately but you can see the video review for The EXTRAORDINAIRES on YouTube.

We also took out the 3D-Motokits to build them today. I helped Andrew build the Dinosaur (Easy) and Eva built the Elephant (Hard). Eva was done faster than I was. I did have Andrew with me. He decided that he would punch out all the pieces first. Of course, when you are following the directions you need to know which pieces are the ones to use. I installed the motor incorrectly and then had to take it apart. Eva did the same but I was able to pop it out and put it back easily. I was very impressed with how well Eva worked on the 3D-Motokit. The kits are $4.99 each and we received them for free to give an honest review. Continue reading 3D Animals, A Very Fluffy Kitty and Aquaman!