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There’s a Stawm Comin!

Photo-A-Day #2863

When I woke up this afternoon I saw that the back yard already had a bit of snow in it ready for shoveling. I’m working from home tonight and it was weird going to bed only to wake up to work at home. I guess it doesn’t feel as weird to do it if I have a destination. But, I got up and shoveled a bit, made sure that all of the shovels and the sled were by the back door for easy access. No sense in having them all in the garage (That is where I store all my cardboard that needs to be recycled as well as all things I don’t use at the moment, I did get the car in there last year, though)

So this big winter storm, Nemo. Is headed out way and as I write this we are in the throes of his temper tantrum. The lights are flickering. The wind is whipping and there are flashes of blue and green lightning happening as well. Tomorrow is going to be fun to try and dig out of this place.