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The iCrib and Zen Stone…

My little Eva is going to be a little spoiled by her daddy. Case in point, her music. I wanted Eva to have a wide range of music available to her but I didn’t want to go switching out CD’s each night. The solution, the iCrib from Munchkin, Inc. This device straps to the crib and can connect to any MP3 player that is on the market.

But Eva didn’t have an MP3 player so daddy got her her first one. A cute little pink 1GB Zen Stone (I wasn’t going to spoil her that much and I hadn’t heard about the Warriors in Pink Zune yet). I connected it to the iCrib and each time I go in to change Eva’s diapers I make sure I turn on the music so I can sing to her and she can relax and calm down. Diaper changes are about the fussiest we have seen Eva.

Eventually when she starts sleeping in the crib in her room, in about a week, we can turn the iCrib and Zen Stone on and set it to play for 15, 30 or 60 minutes. So far she likes Jack Johnson and some Bare Naked Ladies and Antje Duvekot. Yesterday we ordered Ellis Paul’s latest CD called The Dragonfly Races. It is his children’s album. We got the CD rather than just the MP3 album because we want to get his autograph for Eva at the next show we attend.

The iCrib also has the option for a light that is low and diffused and changes colors. This is a nice feature as well. It gives us light when we go in to check on Eva as well as provides her with a little light when she wakes up at night.

I would also like to mention that you can get two free Mozart albums for download with the iCrib. Just go to the Munchkin site for more details.