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BenSpark’s Holiday Gift Guide – Gear Up and Battle Friends with the HyperStrike Bows from Zing

HyperStrike Kids
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Zing sent me an amazing influencer pack for their HyperStrike Bows for free to add to my Holiday Gift guide. Opinions are my own. These bows are rated for 14+ but we decided that our children have taken archery lessons with real bows and arrow so they could play with these.

The kids have been playing with ZING bows for a very long time. In fact today after we went and did a capture the flag game with the HyperStrike bows I saw in my Facebook memories that six years ago Eva and I were using Zing bows in our Backyard Monster Hunt. We did a few Monster hunts and even did that for Eva’s 6th birthday. There have been a lot of changes in that time, especially with Eva. Here she is six years apart.

Eva and Zing 6 years apart

While Eva has grown up in that time Zing has also made improvements to their toys. The new HyperStrike bows are incredible and can launch darts up to 250ft. We were shooting them across a giant field around the corner from our house. The arrows that we received had embedded whistles in them so you could hear them coming. Luckily Zing also sent us masks to protect our faces. The masks were great, too because they fit over my glasses. I could actually see what I was shooting at! Check out our video below.

Introducing HyperStrike, a breakthrough in backyard battle from Zing. Designed with patented loop-and-launch technology, these high-performance bows can launch its whistle arrows over 250 ft.! Available now in orange carbon, green camo, blue (Target exclusive), and red (Costco exclusive).

If you are interested in picking up these toys for the holidays for your family then please consider using our Amazon.com affiliate link, it costs you nothing extra but helps out out big time.

Review: Glove-A-Bubbles from ZING – Super Fun Backyard Bubbles Toy

Eva and Andrew with Glove-A-Bubbles

Zing sent us a bunch of Glove-A-Bubbles to try out and review. Opinions are our own. Affiliate links to Amazon.com are also present.

Kids love Bubbles, of that there is no doubt in my mind. they just love being able to blow bubbles, chase bubbles and even try to catch bubbles in their hands. As a parent, I am often resistant to bubbles because when the kids are small they can’t actually blow bubbles and you end up blowing them for the kids. Taking a tiny wand and trying to blow bubbles over and over until you are lightheaded and covered with slippery soap water isn’t my idea of fun. That is why I am a fan of Glove-A-Bubbles.

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