Target and clearance racks….

Last week I found some Transformers Energon toys on the clearance racks at Target. I was very excited to find some of the transformers that I hadn’t gotten yet as well as some duplicates that were selling for $1.73 each (featured in yesterday’s Photo-A-Day.) Well, I figured that all the Target’s I went to would have some Transformers Energon toys on sale too. Nope, they were totally wiped out. I tried 4 other Targets and nothing. Some didn’t even have Transformers Cybertron in place (just a big blank spot where Energon toys used to be. And who is actually stocking Transformers Alternators anymore, I think the only way I can get them now is online, which isn’t a big deal but if that is the only choice I find that it makes me annoyed.

What does not annoy me is the fantastic news that the new Serenity Trailer is up now. Only 58 more days till that movie is out in theaters. That is going to be awesome. I mean it was awesome seeing it months ago, but I am looking forward to seeing it again. And I’ve got time to rewatch the complete series once again, this time with Allison. I’ve converted one friend to the side of the browncoats. He watched my DVD set and has been a fan ever since.

I’ve found a couple new web comics recently. One is called Dog Eat Doug. A very cute comic about a baby named Doug and a puppy named Sophie. I was hooked in because the dog’s name was Sophie. The comic started back in January 2005 so it is very easy to get caught up.

The other web comic is called Theater Hopper. It is about a guy who watches way too many movies. Not like anyone I know. Ahem. Nope nobody I know.

I’ve added the comics to my Selling our Life Story post from June 13, 2005. I’ll add more information on them to my post about Web comics soon. I’ve got the Serenity Trailer linked under the countdown and the link to purchase the Firefly DVD’s. If you haven’t seen Firefly yet, give it a shot, check it out Fridays on Sci-Fi.