2nd Tech Tuesday Test Post

Tech Tuesday Test Post, originally uploaded by BenSpark.

Here is a second image I have uploaded to Flickr which automatically posted to The BenSpark

This is an experimental example for my Tech Tuesday with Benspark #9 post at FuelMyBlog’s Blog.

One thing I learned about sending images that were taken by a full fledged digital camera by popping the SD card from my Canon SD80 and putting it into my Treo 650 is that I can’t send a huge image. First I need to change the quality and size of the image and then try to send the message and image together. So here is my second attempt to send a photo that originated on my Canon Camera to Flickr and have it automatically post to one of my blogs.

This is Unicron raising the roof.

4 thoughts on “2nd Tech Tuesday Test Post”

  1. Thanks for visiting. I like the blog and the you Comment I reply movement is great. I am going to get into that, I’ve been replying on this blog for some time now and I really should have thought of a movement like that.

  2. Yes indeed, that is the devourer of worlds, the one and only Unicron. Too bad they didn’t make him bigger than the other robot heroes figures.

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