Tech Tuesday with BenSpark #18

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Not my best one though. If you have a tech question that you’d like me to tackle for next week’s Tech Tuesday post, let me know in the comments section.

Each week I look at the technical things that I have around the house and what sort of projects I am working on with my blog and try to determine what I should talk about on a Tech Tuesday post.

One thing that I really enjoy is my iPod. Last week I talked about having an iPod and a Zune. I meant to do a comparison test on battery life but it looks to me like iPod is going to trash the Zune on that one. Makes sense, bigger screen needs more power, less battery life. At least that is how I see it. I would like to say that I rigged up a way to make sure that my Photo-A-Day photos are always synchronized to both my Zune and my iPod.

I moved all of my media off of my computer onto and external hard drive. And I synced the media folders with both Zune and iPod. It worked pretty well. Last week I synced the whole Photo-A-Day folder with both devices and that wasn’t as great as I expected. You see, I am a very organized person. I make sure that each and everything that I do online has a redundancy to make sure I have copies of things. This is especially important with my Photo-A-Day project.

My process starts like this. I go out, I take my photos. In the field I will most likely shoot 200 photos in a session. I will probably erase about 15-20 on the camera. I then go back to my computer. I load up the photos and pull up windows Preview. You put your mouse over the file and right click and choose Preview or scroll down to Open With and choose Windows picture and Fax Viewer. This will give you a large image to look at. I go from image to image and when I get to one I want to edit I right click it and choose Open with PhotoShop Elements (You can use whatever image editor you want, elements works well for me). Usually I get about 30-40 images I want to work with. Then I get them into Photoshop Elements and I work with The Quick Fix first. I wrote all about that in Tech Tuesday #8. You can refresh your knowledge of that by reading the previous post.

The important thing here is the way that I do my saving. I make all my edits to the file and the last thing I do is crop. So I crop my image to 450px X 350px, It is a size I choose long ago and have been happy to use. No idea where it first originated from though. Then I choose save as. You may be tempted to save for web and that would strip the image of essential EXIF data. By saving as you retain that data. I save a copy first to a folder called iPod_Zune_PAD. Then I save the image again in the Photo-A-Day folder. But I want an original size image in case I do something with that image later. I choose to go to Edit and then undo crop, crop was the last thing I did in the edit process for this precise reason. I then save the original in a folder called 2007 originals and in 2008 I will make it a 2008 originals folder.

I like to name my images so they can be easily identified. Each day I name with the month, the day, the year and underscore and then the number of the PAD image. So they all look like this. 091807_893.jpg. If I do more than one PAD, my PAD bonus images then I add a letter suffix to the image. For example, 091807_893b.jpg. So at any time I know if I am missing any of my PAD images. I have a laptop and a desktop and edit photos on the road, they don’t always get transfered to the external hard drive right away.

At the end of each year I make a new folder that say the year and PAD, so at the end of this year a folder called 2007_PAD will be created, I will move the 2007 Originals folder into that folder and then also all the PAD images from 2007 into that folder. This way I have all my images exactly where I want them to be.

I seem to have not really given you much of a technical tip but rather a look into my anal retentive overly organized mind. That may be good advice for some and bad advice for others. As always I welcome your ideas for Tech Tuesdays topics in the future.

When I started this I wanted to talk about Blog Rush. But like all of my writing I got stream of consciousness and end up taking all sorts of twists and turns before getting to the point sometimes. If you haven’t seen this new tool for increasing your blog’s presence on the web then you might want to check it out.

Basically Blog Rush breaks down like this. You get a widget to put on your blog. The number of visits you get on your blog counts as impressions that you can have of your posts on someone else’s Blog Rush widget. So if you have 100 visitors in a day you can get 100 impressions of your posts on other blogs that are in your category. But you can also get other bloggers signed up with your own referral code. My code is attached to the Blog Rush links. I am disclosing this to you so that if you want to sign up and not be a referral of mine just type in I would not want to trick anyone into becoming one of my referrals. What happens with the blogs that you refer is that you also get credits for the page impressions on their blogs. So if you refer 2 bloggers and they each get 100 visitors a day you get 300 impressions of your posts on other blogs.

The people that you refer also get impressions from the people that join under their referral code. The cycle continues. You get credit up to 0 levels below your blog. So potentially you could have 1000 page impressions of your blog posts each and every day across the web. So far it is a pretty decent program and I have had two referrals. The program is in beta and is for English blogs only. It will probably eventually be for all blogs once the beta is over. It is free to join and I sent an invite to Kevin to see about adding it to fuel.

I would also like to point out that today I found a great photographer and kayaker through Blog Rush. His post was on my blog The BenSpark and I clicked through to learn more about the site. And his name is PhotoKayaker, how appropriate. It wasn’t until I went to his site and left a comment that I found out that a week ago he had linked to my blog The Wired Kayaker. Small World Wide Web.

Speaking of a small world wide web the Blog World Expo is coming in November and FuelMyBlog and blog World Expo will be giving away a free two day pass to the event. You can enter the competition. I’m already going but wanted to raise some noise about the completion on my blog Flatwater Tech. I said I wanted to meet Matt Mullenweg, well I just got a comment from Dave Taylor that said that he’d introduce me to whoever I wanted to meet. That Dave is a nice guy. I look forward to meeting him and also to meeting as many FuelMyBlog bloggers that are going to Blog World Expo.

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Benspark is also a contributing writer for blogs such as, The Blogging Den and most recently Blue Ribbon Bloggers. He is also expecting his first child in October and never sleeps and will somehow sleep even less in a month.