Ted Murphy’s Vision Restored My Sight

Ted Murphy's Vision Restored My Sight

My glasses from Zenni Optical arrived yesterday. Last night after work was my last time to wear my sunglasses on the drive home. I felt like an idiot wearing them each night at dusk and then having to go inside places wearing my sunglasses. I felt like I was looking “too cool for school” or something.

But because I ordered some glasses from Zenni Optical, a place I would not have heard about had it not been for Ted Murphy, I had quality prescription glasses waiting for me at home. I attribute this to Ted Murphy because he had the vision to found PayPerPost and subsequently IZEA and all of its holding. I had heard about Zenni Optical from many other bloggers and I even blogged about it on more than one occasion, but I hadn’t had reason to try it until now. Well, now I have a pair of glasses from Zenni Optical and I love them. The total cost of the pair of glasses was $39.95. You may also recall that I had my prior pair of glasses sent out for new lenses. Yesterday I called Pleasant Optical, our family eyeglasses store for years, to find out why my glasses were still not back. I was told that they would call the manufacturer and get right back to me. I called again that afternoon to find out that my particular lenses were on back order. So lenses that I ordered before my Zenni Optical Lenses are still not in. On top of that they are going to cost me $239.95 a full $200.00 more than my Zenni glasses. Guess what mistake I’m not ever going to make in the future.

Now Ted, the only thing I ask is that you get Zenni Optical on the Social Spark affiliate program.

Ted Murphy's Vision Restored My Sight

Photo Above Taken with my Xshot 2.0. Get yours today.

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  1. Glad to hear it Ted, I think Zenni Optical would be a great fit for the affiliate program. Once summer comes around I’m getting sunglasses from them too.

  2. I dont use sun glasses nor do I use reading glasses. I have found that doing yoga eye exercises for the eyes helps

  3. Unfortunately the other ones are already ordered Anna and it is a local shop that we’ve done business with all our lives so I’d feel really bad about ducking out on the transaction.

  4. That is an amazingly low price for a complete pair of glasses. The last time I bought glasses, they cost around $200, and that was at Sears with a coupon special. My prescription at a place like Pearle or LensCrafters would be at least $100 more…I checked. I am very curious as to what my glasses would cost with these guys.

    After our new and improved health insurance kicks in next month, I need to get my eyes examined anyway. I’ll definitely give Zenni Optical a try. Who knows, maybe I’ll now be able to afford frames in all different colors! 😀

    Thanks for the review!

    Christines last blog post..It has begun

  5. Christine, the price certainly is low and the glasses have been great so far. They even e-mailed me to confirm my prescription because it was an odd one.

  6. Thanks Brett,
    The shirt was something I had started thinking about at IZEAFest and has now become my IZEAInsiders group name and mantra. Although there should be a “…” at the end and on the back it should say “…Yet!”

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