Tell to Win – Storyteller Winner

Peter Guber and Tony Robbins

I received many great stories from some awesome storytellers. It was very hard to choose one winner. But I could only choose one and that winner is Gaspare Marturano. His story had heart and humor and moved me. Gaspare wins:

  • A copy of Tell to Win before it is available in stores
  • A Tell to Win Branded Padfoilo so that you can write down future stories.
  • A Tell to Win Branded Monthly Planner

“Tell to Win” hits stores on March 1st (that’s Tuesday of next week!)

What’s going on in the “Tell to Win” World?





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4 thoughts on “Tell to Win – Storyteller Winner”

  1. Thanks so much Ben! Very exciting…I have lots of stories, and I pulled out what I thought was the best. My back up, “The time I meet Bill Gates”. It was at COMDEX in Atlanta (early 90’s I think). I’ll save that one for next time! 😉

    – G

  2. @Ben,

    I found your blog a week too late.


    Thanks for the post. My life is a story. Every unfortunate event seems to entertain others. 

    Ever since 1994, I have strived to become a screenwriter/actor. My journey to reach that dream challenged my determination to seek higher truth – another post you prepared. I can’t seem to give up, even though I find myself in impossible situations. 

    Two years ago, I met Cindy Williams (Laverne and Shirley show) in a restaurant. She was having a meeting with another film associate. They were discussing a script project. I eavesdropped on their conversation because the script talk gained my attention.

    I realized at that moment I had a grand opportunity, but I made a mistake before leaving home. I had several of my screenwriting business cards in my hand. However, I left them on the counter. While sitting at the table, I searched my entire wallet to find a business card.   

    In any case, I lost the best opportunity I had in the last 17 years to connect with film contacts. Cindy and her colleague were very interested in my writing abilities. The moment Cindy asked for my business card, I knew I struck out. Even before approaching Cindy, I sensed not having a card would be a deal breaker. 

    I wrote a story about this experience on being in the right place at the wrong time. Since then, I never had another opportunity again.  

    The Hollywood Writer’s Strike is the main reason I pursued graduate school. My BA in Film & Media Studies didn’t have the desired impact as I anticipated. 

    Now I’m about to graduate again. I can’t seem to position myself in the right situation. I write many stories on my magic writer blog – nonfiction and fiction.  

    I prefer screenwriting, television writing and creative writing over any other form of writing. I believed I allowed myself to get sidetracked, knowing that I could have easily accomplished my goals a decade ago.

    Your blog is inspiring. I should read more blogs like yours instead of domain blogs who tend to attract negative people only looking to make money. Thanks for the motivation.     

    1. Jason,

      To be honest you’re other comments were doubled up so I originally marked them as spam. Now I see they were not. You’re story is a very interesting one. Thank you for sharing that with me. I hope that you are able to succeed in your dreams.

      I am glad you like the blog and find it continues to inspire.

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