Thank You Picapp

As I return home from Blog World Expo I wanted to thank the people responsible for sending me to the conference. First there is FuelMyBlog, they partnered with Picapp to do a contest to send someone to Blog World Expo. FuelMyBlog has been very good to me over the years and they are run by some excellent people. If you haven’t signed up you certainly should do so.

But the people who actually paid for me to attend were from Picapp. Picapp paid for my flight, my hotel and my conference admission. They were so great when things didn’t go exactly as planned when I checked in for the conference but they handled things so well. If you were at Blog World Expo you should have stopped by the booth to learn all about their service. It has just gotten so much better because the code for the images in now in HTML and that means better SEO for people who use the photos. But I’ll let the video explain things better.