The Complete Peanuts set…

Yesterday I stopped at Barnes and Noble and used a couple of gift cards to pick up four hardcover Peanuts collections. Fantagraphics is releasing the complete series of Charles Schulz’s Peanuts. I picked up these four books below and can’t wait to read each and every strip from the complete collection.

Other books are available as well.

Some are pre-order.

I have always loved Peanuts and am so happy that Fantagraphics is taking the complete set of all the daily and Sunday strips and compiling them into the most fantastic complete set of comic strips of all time. Some great extras are forewords by friends of Charles Schulz, other cartoonists and many more. I hope to have the whole set someday. I really can’t wait to get going and reading all of these comic strips.

Here is the official website of Peanuts. There is a great timeline about the comic strip.