The Elite Ones

Photo-A-Day #2720

With Skylanders Giants on the way next month I’ve been getting my existing figures all upgraded as best I can. Out of the 36+ ones I have only 10 are fully upgraded and have gone through all the Heroic Challenges. Now I am getting them leveled up on the Skylanders Universe online game. I haven’t played the game in forever and with the new TrekDesk and treadmill setup I’ve attached the Portal of Power from the 3Ds set to the old computer so I could play while I walk.

Game play is fun and with the portal it is easy to switch between characters and really get the best feel for the game. I like how Skylanders made it possible for every kid to get involved in this game. Even if they don’t own a single Skylander figure or the game itself they can play for free on the online game. Skylanders Sky patrol for smart phones and tablets is super inexpensive and you don’t need to own a single Skylander to play it either. I wonder what will be coming for Skylanders Giants? A new iOS game, more areas for the Universe? I’m excited to see.