The Experiment Is Over…

Well, I Found Some of Your Life is toast. I’ve had some mixed feelings about the site. At first I thought it was funny because the messages were not mean in any way. But then the more I thought about it I realized that it really was an invasion of someone’s privacy and a public display of their life without permission. Even though the author may have been trying to do something to maybe find the owner of the memory card, it wasn’t the best way to do this.

I hope the authors intentions were sincere because there are plenty of insincere people out there who would have taken that card to mock the owner regardless. I think that by taking down the site the author knows that his actions may embarrass, or may have embarrassed someone. It is good to see that he did the right thing, eventually.

[09/21/04 1:08PM] I sent a message to the author of I Found Some of Your Life asking why he took it down. and this was his response.

Nothing in particular caused me to take the site down. With the site’s sudden exposure, the concept lost its innocence.