The Iliad, in England?

I am reading the latest Clive Cussler Novel about Dirk Pitt called the Trojan Odyssey. In the course of the book they make mention of another book called “Where Troy Once Stood” hypothesizes that the legendary battle of Troy did not take place in Greece among Greeks but rather in England among Celts. Iman Jacob Wilkens author of “Where Troy Once Stood” dissects the Iliad and the Odyssey based upon the descriptions of places and finds that the descriptions do not match that of Greece. He also hypothesizes that Homer took the oral traditions and tales from the Celts and wrote them down but used Greeks instead of Celts as the stories characters. It is a very fascinating concept. I really love the Cussler Novels because half the time you wonder, is this real, or is this made up.

I remember reading the Iliad in High School as well as college. In college I studied the Iliad in my Humanities Class and there was never a doubt about the story being about Greeks. I really want to read “Where Troy Once Stood” .

And I’m going to see Sahara again tonight with my Dad, it is at the Route One Cinema Pub. I can’t wait. Which at this point SAHARA has grossed $64,363,595 (USA)