The Lake Pleasant Paddlers

While looking for paddling clubs for the previous post I came across a club out in Arizona (One of the 7 remaining states I need to get to have been to all 50). The club is called the Lake Pleasant Paddlers and they are very interesting. This is an informal club that meets each month. They don’t have dues and bylaws and things like that of the RICKA club. They do however, have an interpretive ranger who goes on each paddle to instruct the paddlers on the local ecosystem, history and archeology of the lake. Each month the Pleasant Paddlers go to a different part of the lake. There they learn about that area and can easily venture close to wildlife on their silent watercraft.

Arizona is very popular right now as a place to live. There seems to be more and more Arizona luxury real estate popping up. Friends of ours have a little place in Arizona and they love it for the climate. My Aunt even lived there for a while. I still need to go there and maybe I can good and visit the Pleasant Paddlers and go for a paddle with them.