The Mad Gringo has arrived….

Photo-A-Day #944b 11/08/07

Well, the stuff I ordered from Mad Gringo arrived. Back on the 5th of October I did a blog post for The Mad Gringo on my blog BenSpark 2: Electric Boogaloo. It was all about going slow, the way of life of the Mad Gringo. I love that motto. So I went to the site and saw that they had stickers that said Go Slow or Die. I wanted some so I started an order. For 20 stickers at $1.00 each the shipping was almost half the price so I wrote to the Mad Gringo. Unfortunately there wasn’t much that we could do about shipping but he said he’d send me a few of them. Sweet! this was a nice guy who knew that people who were interested in his stuff would talk it up to friends and family alike.

I went back to the site and looked closer. There I discovered the Trunk. this is where the close outs are. These are shirts that the Gringo is clearing out and they are 1/2 price. Well, I went and bought 3 shirts, and two T-Shirts because the logo is awesome. I immediately wrote the Mad Gringo back and told him of my purchase and he tossed in some stickers for me. Now I am back in the office and my Go Slow or Die sticker is in my cubicle. I’ve distributed my Go Slow stickers to friends and am looking forward to later this week when I can wear my Mad Gringo Hawaiian Shirts to Blog World Expo.

There may even be a contest for you to get your own Mad Gringo shirt. I’ve got to talk to the Mad Gringo again to set it up. Watch this blog in for more details.

2 thoughts on “The Mad Gringo has arrived….”

  1. It sounds like this gringo really got to you. You managed to get me to visit the site and it looks like some quality stuff they have there. I guess this all goes to show the power of deal making and taking care of your customers above-and-beyond making the sale (pay attention business owners).

  2. The Mad gringo has great customer service. They were excellent with me and I am looking forward to working with them on a contest, soon.

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