The truck I want…

Harley Truck

If I was to buy a truck, I would want one of the Ford 350 Harley Davidson Edition Trucks. Today I saw one just like the one above, it was totally tricked out with all the accessories possible including a tonneau cover too.

This truck is amazing, it was reverse engineered to sound like a Harley Davidson motorcycle, it has major power and is just a sharp looking special edition. I’d probably go with an all black edition but not the one with the orange. It is also a nice version but I am pretty sure I couldn’t pull off that look.

12 thoughts on “The truck I want…”

  1. I like the one in the picture. Mike is still wanting the Toyota Tacoma, but I’ve been a Ford girl from way back. We have a Ford Focus now, and I think that Mike should go with Ford for his pickup.

    We shall see. He likes Ford, too, why he wants the Tacoma, I’m not sure.

  2. Ok why is a truck that is reverse engineered to sound like a motor cycle a good thing? Motorcycles are loud and the only people who like that sound are the people riding them. I am sure even they don’t enjoy it at 2am.

    From and engineering perspective I want my truck forward engineered to drive well not to sound good. Engineering a truck to make a certain sound is idiotic. That is like saying I engineered my car to look good in yellow. Arrghhh so annoying.

    As for trucks they are cool. My A drives a tacomoa which is super cool and convients. Check out the gas mileage on the tundra before you buy it is pretty bad.

    Do us all a favor and do some research when you buy a vehicle. Buy it because it is well made, drives well, gets good gas mileage etc. Do not but the truck that sounds good or looks good. My A bought a mercury cougar (the new ones) because they looked cool and got totally screwed on that piece of crap. I was nice till it decided it was old and tired at 62,000 miles

    Keep the civic if you really need it to sound like a harley you can probably get a cheap boom box and mount it in the trunk.

    Man I hate it when stupid market tools are used to sell products. When was the last time you heard someone man you car sounds cool. Oh wait it does not happen.

    Just my opinion and I appologize if I offended anyone but I hate when marketing uses stupid tricks to sell products. Make a good product and people will buy it. Market should not be a multibillion dollar industry.

    In fact today I am going to consiously not by anything I see an advertisement for.

  3. Yes Stephen, it is a keyword post from PayU2Blog. It is a new blogging company that I am writing for. So since this is marketing you might want to make sure you don’t accidentally buy a truck today.

  4. Marketing or not you guys have the best trucks. In Europe a Fiat Panda is considered big, and not that great if you live in the mountains either.

  5. wow. cool lookin truck.
    i want the black edition though… then trick it out, put 24’s in it. then lower it a li’l bit. then fill the bed with amps and 15 inch subwoofers and a plasma screen. wow… just imagine that. it would stand out against escalades.

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