There’s nothing to it but to do it!

According to Andy from You’ll Have that, ‘There’s Nothing to it but to do it’ is his new motto. Wes Molebash has taken his characters down a road with this storyline and interwoven the story about this motto. I noticed right away that it was very much in the vein of a Seinfeld episode. Wes has a real talent and if you are not reading his stuff then you should. You should also order You’ll Have That: Vol 1 and come to Double Midnight Comics on July 8th to get your copy signed.

Speaking of Andy’s motto, that is what the book Getting Things Done boils down to. Taking that next action step toward becoming productive. I finished Getting Things Done yesterday and have begun to implement some of the practices already. I’ve also handed the book off to Peter. So I’m trying to recruit more folks who believe that ‘There’s nothing to it but to do it!” Thanks Wes and Thanks David Allen.

I’m feeling so productive that I may try and get Oliver into a hat with some pink lemonade. (See Andy’s comments about yesterday’s photo-a-day.)