Things I’d rather not know….

I travel often, I have been traveling for over 6 years and I have stayed in hundreds of hotels. I received this link today to an undercover investigation about things that happen in hotel rooms.

If you are squeamish or easily grossed out please don’t click this link.

After watching that I was a bit nauseated. Makes me really appreciate the cheap plastic cups that you find in the Motel 6 or Comfort Inn. That was so gross. I did get a chuckle about the part where the glass cleaner was used on the drinking glasses and it clearly shows “Do Not Drink”. It looks almost too clear and too set up, what are the chances of the bottle being put down in exactly that position, great for the camera.

Either way this is pretty gross. I don’t even want to know what they do for the towels.

2 thoughts on “Things I’d rather not know….”

  1. Well, I think I’d clean a glass before I’d use it, regardless of how it looked. Just run it under the tap, to get the dishwasher residue or whatever off it.

  2. Really, you always clean off glasses in hotels before you use them? Every time? I’m pretty sure I will do that from now on.

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