Thursday Comedy Hs/Ss 11/16/06

My Name is Earl – This week Earl was supersized, Christian Slater guest starred and claymation ruled Randy’s mind. I have to admit I wasn’t paying as close attention to this episode as I usually do. I was making a bunch of last minute changes to the Marketing Day presentations and was stressed out. So I tried to keep my mind on Earl and make the little formatting changes on the HTML documents but my mind would wander. However I did like seeing Christina Slater on TV, his character was pretty funny. The naked old lady and Earl saying “Don’t freak out” over and over was a riot. All the claymation people. Crab Man in general but his saying, “Don’t bother to explain the irony, she doesn’t get it.” was priceless. Randy’s hallucinations, Earl going nuts over the environment. The dung house. So much was funny but I really liked the end part when Earl and Randy were in bed talking about who could beat up who, Sesame Street vs. Muppets, Muppets vs. Fraggles, it was pretty funny. What I really liked was they cut to Crab Man and Joy doing about the same thing with family members.

My Name is Earl – This was a good episode. I loved the scene at the end where Randy & Earl were in bed, then they cut to Crab Man & Joy in bed talking. Too funny.

The Office – I was in a better place during the Office. This has to be one of the shows that I truly look forward to each week. It is crazy how much I disliked the show and now how it has grown on me. Jim returns to Scranton and in typical Jim fashion he never says that he is now Michael’s right hand man. The look on Michael’s face when he found out was priceless. I think the interactions between Dwight and Andy will be pretty fun to watch. The music video Lazy Scranton is online if you want to see the whole thing. Some of the best pieces were the Andy and Dwight showdown at the end of the show. The tension between Pam and Jim was heartbreaking but also made for good drama and comedy. The merger of the two groups. Tony, poor Tony, I liked him. The new black character trying to bond with Stanely. Stanley rolling his eyes. It was pretty funny. Watch the full video. So funny. Also click for the deleted scene between Kevin and Andy. Karma comes back to Andy.

The Office – I was so happy to have Jim back in Scranton. I’m a little bummed about him “seeing someone” – I felt really badly for Pam. She obviously adores Jim and couldn’t wait for him to come back – then he’s seeing someone and not really hanging out with her like usuall. It was heartbreaking, but makes good television. I am really looking forward to seeing Dwight and Andy in the future. They are too funny!!

30 Rock – Never saw the show before, however I liked the whole shilling Snapple segment. Very funny. Other than that no big whoop. I went and washed dishes.

30 Rock – This wasn’t bad. I only half paid attention to it. I suppose we’ll have to watch it since it will be on after Scrubs and the other networks are playing one hour dramas at that time (and we’ll have to tape CSI now….).

The best news however is that Scrubs returns next Thursday. Think NBC is finally pulling together a Must See Thursday line-up again.