Thursday TV is back!

Last night we saw the return of The Office, 30 Rock and Scrubs. There was also a brand new My Name is Earl (which returned last week in a hilarious 1 hour episode.) Check it out, it is called I won’t die with a little help from my friends.

The Video came from, if you aren’t signed up go and do so because it is free and a great way to watch TV online.

I like the direction that Earl has been taking lately. Earl is in a coma and his friends are working on parts of his list. Each time they cross something off Earl gets a little better. I like this because Karma for Earl’s friends is being spread around. The episode last night was titled Stole a Motorcycle. The Teutuls from American Chopper were guest stars, I missed the 1st 15 minutes but will watch it on

After that was 30 Rock. I’m not a fan so I took out the trash during the show.

The the return of The Office!! Michael and Jan host a dinner party. This was probably the most uncomfortable dinner party ever. Michael and Jan like to share, way too much. It was hilarious. I loved how Jim tried to save Pam and himself from the dinner party and then was about to bail on her. Pam’s response to Dwight showing up was excellent and Angela and the ice cream at the end of the show. This was a great episode to return with, so many perfectly uncomfortable and hilarious moments. Too many to recall. If you missed it catch it on

Scrubs came back last night too. The basic plot here was that Turk secretly learned Spanish to surprise Carla as an anniversary gift. Then the temptation to not tell her was too great because of brinner (Breakfast for dinner). I like brinner as much as the next guy but come one Turk. The show really needs to wrap it up, it is just not on top of its game as it used to be. The best part for me was the Space Invaders homage. That was perfect! You can watch this episode “My Bad Too” on I was unable to embed it.

I look forward to all shows as they return to PrimeTime.

8 thoughts on “Thursday TV is back!”

  1. Karen, LOL, With the writers strike I spent more time on the blog but had less to talk about for my entertainment blog, but now that blog is part of The BenSpark so I will be slowly trying to addict you to shows I like. 🙂

  2. I’m so glad Thursday TV is back. This post writers strike season has been tough, and I for one hate most reality tv and game shows (I became a reluctant fan of celebrity apprentice solely because it was the only thing on). 30 Rock and Office were definitely my favorites of the night, although Bob Kelso and Brinner kept Scrubs enjoyable.

  3. Kelso is one of the funnier parts of scrubs, I liked how he shot Cox down before Cox could rant. Very funny. And the “don’t look at me part”

  4. I’m shocked you aren’t a fan of 30 Rock…it’s one of my favorites!! Last night’s ep made me laugh so hard that I think my neighbors think I’m that creepy laughy lady in the building!

    The Office was highly uncomfortable, which is the norm…but I think the most uncomfortable to date. I think my favorite scene was Jim and Pam’s reaction to the candle room:)

    Are you watching Eli Stone? You should be-I think it’s my favorite new show of the year!!

    Mo’s last blog post..This just in: Friday, April 4th Declared National Holiday!

  5. Mo,
    Yeah, 30 Rock doesn’t do it for me.
    Allison loves Eli Stone, I’m fine with it but not an active fan. The candle room was funny. I loved the “$200 PLASMA TV”

  6. Notice you were embedding w/Hulu. What an awesome website…I can’t stay off of it.

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