Time again to vote for me…

And this is for something very cool. You see, Christine recently held her first ever blog contest. It was called One For Me, One For You and in it she asked participants to blog about which of the three items that Christine should buy, the choices were

1. The Odd Couple: The Complete First Season – Not really interested in this DVD set so it was not my choice.

2. The Complete Peanuts 1950-1954 Boxed Set [BOX SET] – I already own this. And will be picking up each set as it comes out.

3. Alton Brown’s “Feasting On Asphalt”This was my choice. I really like Alton Brown and would love to have the whole series on DVD. There are some great behind the scenes moments that I think I will really like.

I just so happen to be in Atlanta Georgia, this is Alton Country and I take that as a sign that you should vote for me to win this contest. And I really think that Christine would enjoy that show most of all. There are 8 people in the competition and you can vote every single day until May 16th. There are more days to vote, so vote early, vote often.

Read my entry for the contest and you decide if I am worthy of winning.

One thought on “Time again to vote for me…”

  1. Thanks for the linkage!

    Just a quick clarification…I’ll edit the blog post to include this. I set the poll up at around 6PM Eastern time yesterday, so the *voting day* starts at that time. So if anyone voted last night, and then came back this afternoon to vote again, it won’t let you. Wait until after 6PM Eastern time, and try again!

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