Time For Bed

Photo-A-Day #1304

It was a day to relax and enjoy the day. The extra hour made things a little out of sync. However, I was able to finally finish my post to apply to be an IZEA Insider. Tomorrow is the deadline and I really hope that I am chosen to be in the program.

I’ve got nearly 20 cups of fry sauce to take to work tomorrow. More judging will take place with whoever is interested in taking part. I think many people will jump at trying these out. It should be fun.

I am amazed that so many people have already entered the Edge Tech Photo Frame Contest. There are still 28 more days to enter so I hope you take part.

The photo today is of Eva and Bob. Bob is Eva’s stuffed Kitty. She named him after we read her 15 Animals by Sandra Boynton. It is so cute when she sees him and exclaims "Bob!"

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2 thoughts on “Time For Bed”

  1. Thanks Kim,

    I think he came with a name but I took the tag off and forgot. Eva has given him the name that she wants to call him. It is so funny when she says bob too.

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