To Prop or To Drop…

propsWelcome back for another installment of my SocialSpark Saturdays series. This week we delve into what all those props and drops are about.

Propping in SocialSpark is a way of letting a blogger, advertiser, blog or opp know that you think they are worth your time, you like their vibe, you are excited. Dropping is a way for bloggers to point out bad quality bloggers, offensive content or inappropriate opps. With SocialSpark it is all about personal interaction and choice. Bloggers have the choice to take certain opps and advertisers have the choice to pick certain bloggers for their opps.

Propping and Dropping was part of SocialSpark from the beginning and at that time people were leaving comments on each others profiles to let them know that they “propped” them up or “left u a prop prop me back”. While this might have been a harmless way of saying hello it quickly became evident that there was some prop spamming going on and I think people figured that the more props you had the better your chances of getting higher paying opps, not true. So a prop reset happened. This upset a whole heck of a lot of people. With the prop reset there was also an addition made to the Code of Conduct.

Appropriate Prop/Drop Usage:

  • Props should be used to express interest in or appreciation of another blogger, blog, advertiser, advertiser’s campaign, etc.
  • Props should be based solely on merit or personal judgment.
  • Drops should be used if anything deemed inappropriate or distasteful is being displayed by a blogger or an advertiser.
  • Drops should be used if a postie is using poor grammar in their paid posts, or if they are not abiding by the SocialSpark Code of Conduct or Terms & Conditions. (Should someone come across a blogger or advertiser who is violating either the CoC or the T&C please contact Customer Love)

Inappropriate Prop/Drop Usage:

  • Props do not affect your traffic statistics or RealRank within SocialSpark and should not be used in an attempt to increase either.
  • Drops should not be used on an advertiser or opportunity simply because a user is not eligible for the opportunity. It is within the rights of an advertiser to segment their opportunity in any manner they see fit.

Props are a way of giving someone a vote of confidence or high rating. Users have the option, in many areas, to offer a ‘prop’ or ‘drop’ to other users, opportunities, blogs, advertisers, etc.

Drops are a way of giving someone a negative vote or low rating. Users have the option, in many areas, to offer a ‘prop’ or ‘drop’ to other users, opportunities, blogs, advertisers, etc.

So you see, there is a use to propping someone or something. I personally think my crew deserves to feel good about themselves and I think they did a great job choosing the I’m Not A Famous Blogger Crew so props all around for you guys!

And speaking of how much my crew is a bunch of Rockstars and you should go and check out the Crew Blog. There are Crew interviews and links to crew member’s blogs.

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