Toy Review: Rosie’s Rowboat from Calico Critters

Eva with Rosie's Rowboat

We received a Calico Critters Rosie’s Rowboat from International Playthings. Opinions are 100% our own.

Eva saw this toy in the office and she asked me over and over if we could review it. I’m pretty swamped with toys and don’t want to give her something to play every single night, it is overload. But this is a cute little toy and her friend has a bunch of these toys so she was very excited about playing with them at her house. She was even more excited about having this toy of her own.

Eva's set up Rosie for play

I took the toy out of the box and assembled some of the toys inside. There are little paper books that you have to fold up as accessories for Rosie. Eva wanted to make the to look just like it did on the box so I could take a photo of her with the toy. She was very happy and content to play with Rosie.

Rosie and her Camera

The figure is pretty adorable. It is a little cat that wears a bonnet and also has a camera. The toys have very nice detail and are poseable. But I did have a small problem with them.

Rosie's Hands are not like the packaging

Look at Rosie’s hand on the packaging. Now look at the actual hands of the figure. Those hands are not holding anything. The hands on the packaging hold all sorts of things. They can hold the lollipops and the umbrella even though those items are different diameters. However the hands on the packaging are not even close to what the hands on the figure are. That bugged me. Why not make the hands capable of holding the myriad of accessories? Doesn’t make sense to me. This of course was a detail lost on Eva, she just found the figure to be cute and liked playing with it, so I get that is what really matters.

Rosie in her Rowboat

Overall this was a decent toy. There are a ton of other toys in the Calico Critters line. There are many different animal families.