Toy Review: Zing Air Storm and Air Huntress Z-Curve Bows

Air Storm Huntress

During our Monster Hunt Eva and I were using some products from Zing. I had a Z-Tek Crossbow from a while back and we recently received two Z-Curve Bows to try out and review. I knew that we had our Monster hunt coming so I held off on reviewing until it was Monster Hunt Day. Opinions of these products are 100% my own.

We played as Monster Hunters for about four hours and even though we had nine separate blasters and bows we spent most of the time using the Z-Curve Bows. These were the fastest loading toy weapons that we had, too. They were also the toys that were easiest for Eva to use. She personally used the Z-Curve Bow for almost all of the time that we played. I used everything that we had in our arsenal but the Z-Curve Bow was the only one that could hit every target from anywhere in the back yard. The Zartz Arrows flew super far. There were also some Zonic Whistling arrows with Eva’s Air Huntress Z-Curve Bow but mine had Long Range Arrows with bounce back ability.

Z-Curve Bows and Z-Tek Crossbow

The bow is powerful. In my hands the arrows can sail to their full 125 foot potential. In Eva’s hands they also went far, for a 6 year old. The bows are for 8 years old and up but a 6 year old certainly can use it easily and competently. This is why Eva spent most of her time running around hunting down monsters with her Z-Curve Bow.

Z-Curve Air Huntress Bow

For all of the things that I loved about the Air Storm Z-Curve Bow there was one thing that I found lacking. The Z-Tek Crossbow has clips for the spare ammo. The Z-Curve Bow does not have clips and they could easily have been added to this bow. I’m not sure why they were not added to this bow because the Z-Bow and the Z-Tek Bow have clips for spare arrows. I found it difficult to find a way to hold the additional arrows and be able to fire off multiple arrows in quick succession. It only diminished my enjoyment a little bit and it is my only complaint. Otherwise these are some pretty fantastic bow and arrow toys.

It is one of the best bow and arrow toys that we’ve reviewed so far. The bow is also set up to be used in your left or right hand easily. These will definitely be the top tools for our next Monster Hunt.