Okay I finished Patricia Cornwell’s latest Kay Scarpetta novel, Trace. Ever since Blowfly these books have gone downhill. Albeit Trace was infinitely better than Blowfly it still was not a very good book, but I started it and refused to quit. I don’t like the characters, there is not one character that has a halfway healthy way of dealing with things. And of course the book builds to a big climactic revelation and falls just so incredibly flat in the execution of the ending. I was five pages away from the end of the book and all the major players were everywhere. And then it just ended. It just went , pfffft, done. And that is to be expected because that is how Kay Scarpetta novels work, they have tons of complications throughout the entire book and in the end all the major plot points are not tied up and it leaves the reader wondering, hey well what about…. So infuriating. So it is now time to choose the next book to read. The choices are:

Life of Pi – Yann Martel
A Salty Piece of Land – Jimmy Buffett
Beach Music – Pat Conroy

Or Do I begin a series.

On a Pale Horse – Piers Anthony

My friend John lent me the first book and it I like it he will lend me the others in the series.

Or I could finally begin reading The Anna Piegon mysteries by Nevada Barr.

Holy Crap! Someone bought some Clive Cussler books through my referral Links. That is $0.64 for the wedding fund baby. They bought Deep Six and Vixen 03 Most of the books I’ve read or series I like can be found on the listings at my Flatwater Bookstore.

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