Track an online friend, track yourself…

Today I was introduced to PeekYou. This is a people search engine. The site is dedicated to finding people online. The site has been in stealth mode since October of 2006 gathering refining and defining data on people from all over the web. The site captured all of your online presences in one location. The data has been gathered from all across the web, the information is out there and PeekYou puts it all in one place.

At first I was not too happy about this because PeekYou has all my information in one place for the world to see. I went to PeekYou and looked myself up and yeah it had all of my online information, every social network I belong to, every single one of my blogs whether I was the author or just a contributor. And the information is up to date as well. I just joined facebook last week and that information was already in my profile.

I registered for PeekYou because as a registered user you can edit the PeekYou profiles. Not just your own but anyones. It is like a giant people wiki. However you cannot link you registered name to your PeekYou profile. That technology is not in place at this time. I would like to see it put in place, I am not that thrilled that anyone could change my PeekYou profile information and there is some information that I don’t want to advertise. PeekYou is the first true openly edited white pages, and just like the white pages you can choose to go “unlisted”. If you are concerned about what is out there about you, you might want to check out PeekYou, if only to verify that information about you is correct.

I checked out mine and liked the interface and these ease of making edits to the information. I was able to make some changes to my tags as well as take some information out, but I could also see the RSS feeds from all my online activities and that was pretty cool. The site is still in beta and they just released this press release in July.

10 thoughts on “Track an online friend, track yourself…”

  1. I’ve been hopping for a thing like this because it is getting really confusing. I suspect I’ll have the same reservations as you.

    Now we need a common interface for tracking replies to comments we make. There are too many ways now.

  2. Sometimes you need a steady roll and sometimes you should just bang the drum slowly. In every situation there are multiple ways to way to handle the event. Chose the best and you will never falter

  3. I’m not there, and I don’t want to be there. I don’t like this idea at all. But I guess I have to register just so I can go “unlisted” in case I ever do show up there.

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