Trying New Things

My Shelf

Eva is quite the adventurous kid. This little shot above reminds me of one famous shot (in my family) of me in the cupboards at my grandmother’s house. I took out all the pots and pans and climbed in. I will have to dig that photo out, I may even have a digital copy somewhere. Eva is with us on vacation in Florida. She discovered her grandparent’s rolling shelves and took the pots and pans off this shelf and climbed on up. Allison took the photo. I wish I was at the house when this happened.

Mmmm, PASTA!

Eva is also a very adventurous eater. She has not found a food that she does not like, not one. She is a fan of all foods. We take her with us to restaurants and now she wants to try a little from our plates at every meal. Tonight we had ziti and meatballs and Eva was all over it. At some point she even had a couple of them on her fingers. She does like her food. And we encourage her to try everything that we can. Although no sugar until the 1st birthday (I know I’m mean but that is only little over a month away.)

I’ll be updating this blog with Eva pictures throughout the vacation. I have some great products to review and can’t wait to share them with you. Stick around.