TV Show: 3 Hour Drive Premiere

Sure this is a little late but yesterday I was finally able to watch the 3 Hour Drive Premiere. Did I like it? Yes, I most certainly did like it. I cannot get enough of shows like Heroes and Lost and Drive is in the similar vein. Within the first two hours we learn partial back stories to many of the major characters. Hour three we learn more about the mysterious past of the shows hero Alex Tully, played by Nathan Fillion.

The show is filmed on a green screen and there are many parts where you can tell that is was filmed on green screen. But there is a story here that is a larger story to be told and that is what drew me in closer. There was just so much going on in this premiere that I cannot even begin to talk about all of it. The main thing is that every person has their reason for being in the race and not everyone is who they seem to be when you first meet them. I am looking forward to Monday night’s regular episode.