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I’m a little behind on the TV shows. However I will catch up in this post. There may be spoilers. The last one that I needed to write about was Eureka. The last episode of Eureka was Show me the Mummy.

Basically the GD building has a crypt that was moved from Egypt and will be opened under completely controlled conditions by a sensationalist anthropologist/reality TV documentary filmmaker. That guy and his camerawoman get killed off pretty quickly by ‘the curse’ of the mummy. Except it isn’t a curse, it is a plague of bugs that gestate within a human host completely draining them of fluids. More water and warmer water they gestate faster, cold water they die.

Carter investigates this and along the way Fargo is infected with the plague but he is frozen by Allison and Carter to kill the bugs. It works and now Carter needs to round up the bugs and freeze them as well. Luckily Carter’s sister has composed music for yoga that attracts the swarm. So carter uses that to lure the swarm into Vincent’s sub zero freezer to kill them all.

So that was basically what the episode was about, what I liked was Carter and Henry working on something together, the team pulling through even though Stark was gone(but not really for this episode, more later.) I liked that Fargo had taken Stark’s death so hard, he looked up to Stark no matter how much Stark put him down. His memorial hallway idea and all the details in the planning were cute. Carter gives Allison the logic diamond that Stark got her. And Stark embedded a hologram on it that would show up under certain light conditions, this made Allison see Stark over and over. For some reason I see that logic diamond being put into a Stark Android in a future episode. Other than that Eva Thorn tried to recruit Henry again but that isn’t going to happen so she turns to Zane who will help her open a special puzzle. I wonder what Thorn is looking for.


Last night brought us the return of Bones with a two hour premiere called Yanks in the UK. Bones was speaking at Oxford and Booth at Scotland Yard. Over all the two hours was entertaining. I was glad to see both Booth and Bones back on TV. They addressed the Zack Addy situation briefly at the beginning of the episode. I’m not sure if they will talk much more on that at all. While much of the action in the first hour revolved around a murder of a rich man’s daughter and how much Booth hated England because he is “not adaptable”. It did move along some stories that we’ve been waiting on. In that first hour we see the arrival of Angela’s husband and he refuses to give Angela a divorce because he still loves her. Hodgins tries to fight this man and is subsequently tossed into a garbage truck. Sweets tried to step in to help but falls on his face, literally. Eventually Grayson (Angela’s husband) grants the divorce but in the second hour Angela and Hodgins screw up their relationship and break up. What the hell! Both Allison and I were pissed at that. I think it was poorly written and a weak break up.

In other areas of the show we see a British version of Booth and Bones and Booth even points this out to Bones. There is a female version of Booth and a sorta male version of Bones but with much more personality. The male version is a professor at Oxford who is a bit of a player and attempts to seduce Bones. She decides against it based on Booth’s recommendation. But it looks like if she talked to the Scotland Yard cop who was the female Booth she probably would have taken the professor up on his offer. But she never gets the chance because the professor is killed in the second hour of the show which keeps Booth and Bones in England for the second hour.

Meanwhile back at the Jeffersonian Cam sleeps with Angela’s ex-husband this creates tension between Angela and Cam, Hodgins and Cam and Sweets has to help put things right. He helps them out with their relationship but then that is where we get the weak break up of Hodgins and Angela complete with major melodrama. I’m soured on characters ending up lovelorn and unhappy. The break up was stupid. But I am happy that Bones is back on TV.

Sons of Anarchy:

So last night FX had a premiere of a new show called Sons of Anarchy. The show centers around a young man who is now a new father and also part of a brutal motorcycle club (gang) in a small rural town. The MC runs everything in the area and will fight to protect what is theirs. This episode we are introduced to Jax, he is the main character around whom the show will mostly be centered. Jax’s father was part of the MC before he died so now it is Jax and his mom Gemma Teller Morrow played by Katy Sagal and his stepfather and current MC president, Clarance ‘Clay’ Morrow, played by Ron Perlman. Jax’s ex-wife is pregnant and she is also a junkie. There are other members of the MC but so far no stand outs except for the guy who was in the last episodes of In Plain Sight.

In the episode a rival gang blows up one of the storage houses for the MC’s gun running operation. In that attack they kill two illegal aliens steal a bunch of guns and take off. The guns were to go to a gang in another area and so Clay needs to get them back or get other guns. The S.O.A. runs the town, they have paid off everyone from the sheriff to the fire chief. This needs to be kept quiet so ATF and other government agencies don’t start sniffing around.

In Jax’s personal life his ex-wife is a junkie, she overdoses and this forces his son to be born 10 week premature with a congenital heart defect and a torn stomach. Jax must deal with this as he sorts through his old baby things in a storage locker. In the storage locker he finds a manuscript for a novel written by his father. His father didn’t want the MC life for his son. You sort of notice through the episode that Jax’s heart is not in it.

The MC discovered where the rival MC is hiding the guns, they make a raid on the place to get the guns back. They are going to blow the place up but before they get the chance some of the rival MC members come to the facility. The S.O.A. is forced to deal with this in a very brutal way, killing the rival members and adding their bodies to the building for the big fire. In this exchange Jax is put into the situation to kill in cold blood, he’s not got the stomach for it which at least makes him sort of endearing and someone I could watch again.

The show is very violent, that is why it is on so late but it is okay so far. I may watch it again or DVR it when we get a DVR. The violence is not reserved for the men on the show too. Katy Sagal is also a force to be reckoned with. She makes a visit to Jax’s ex-wife in the hospital, tells her she will never see her son and then practically forces the needle of drugs in her arm so she can overdose. Very tough to watch Katy Sagal in that role.

The Fall season is upon us and many shows will be returning this month. Some will make it and some won’t I am looking forward to what is to come.

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  1. Thanks for the reviews. I thought the previewed looked very dark and over the top for S.O.A. I know it’s not for me. I can handle violence but can tell I wouldn’t like this one at all.

  2. Jenn,

    The violence is very high in Sons of Anarchy. If you don’t like it, It certainly steer clear. It bothered me a bit too watching the episode.

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