Two Years of Memories with Shuttercal

Photo-A-Day #3213

I’ve been connected to Shuttercal for a few years now. Ever since 2010 I’ve hosted my photo-a-day photos with Shuttercal. I also have printed images of all of my photos for the past four years. Recently I ordered two years worth of photo-a-day photos from Shuttercal. Each month I pay a subscription fee so that I can print that month’s photos. For some reason I don’t print them each month, I started to save the print credits and the next thing I knew, 2 years had passed.

I finally put in my order to have the prints shipped to me. I had one photo box and was given one of the brand new ones from Scott and Kim themselves. The new box is fantastic. It is molded and flocked so that the photos fit perfectly. It is also so much easier for me to take photos in and out of the box. The old box had foam slots for the photos but they are tough to get in and out easily. The old box is also bigger. This new box is much sleeker and nicer.

I noticed something while I was putting the photos in the boxes. I really should write better captions. It is great to have these photos and to be able to flip through them and check them out, it would be much better if I could flip the image over and read about what happened that day. Photos are such good ways to bring back memories.