Updates to Flatwater.

What is Flatwater? Flatwater is the online bookstore I set up about a year back. I haven’t been too good about keeping it updated, however I recently updated it. I will be making some other changes and adding additional authors to the lists but recently I added Michael Crichton, Kathy Reichs and Piers Anthony. I am attempting to continue to make the bookstore better and better to provide people with a place that they can go to read some quality books that either I or Allison have read. Also Flatwater will be a place where you can see the order of any series of books so you can start on the right books. I am a completist and need to read a series from the beginning to the end. I also never skip ahead. I like the suspense. I like to find out what happens in the natural progression of the story.

I added Michael Crichton because of my recent reading of State of Fear. I finished it last night. I thought I had a ways to go but apparently there is a rather long authors note at the end. So State of Fear was finished last night. Very good book. The ideas in it are rather interesting. I will read the author’s note about his stance on the ideas proposed in the book, probably tonight or some time soon. My next book to read will be Firestorm by Nevada Barr. It is the one book that we do not have in the series and I’ve reserved it at the local library.

Another author that was added to Flatwater is Kathy Reichs. She writes the books about Dr. Temperance Brennan, the character that the TV show Bones is based on, who is based on Kathy Reichs herself. Bones is a very good show and I look forward to reading all the Kathy Reichs Novels.

Another recent entry into Flatwater is Piers Anthony. I have only put together his Incarnations series of books because that is all I have read so far. I liked those, not sure if I’m going to get into the rest of his stuff. Piers Anthony is a very prolific writer.

I am thinking about adding movies to Flatwater as well. And of course at the top of this page is the weekly recommendations (or at least recommendations will go to a weekly format soon.)

Here are the Authors that I have on Flatwater at this time. I listed each of their books in the order when they were released. I need to check out if there are any new books from any of the authors very soon and I am going to add about 5 or 6 more authors in the coming weeks. Then I am going to redesign that site. Each time a book or movie or music CD is referenced I’ll add it to the Flatwater BookStore.

Non Novel Authors or Books

Upcoming Authors, Tom Clancy, James Patterson, Bernard Cornwell, A.A. Attanasio, Jack Whyte, Stephen R. Lawhead, Laurel K. Hamilton. Look for them in the weeks ahead.