Visit with Family and Friends

Photo-A-Day #2316

We had a nice day at the house today with one quick trip over to Master Tech Auto to drop off my car. We played host to both family and friends today, too. Our friends Michele and Bob came over with their kids Audrey and Nate. They came for a nice little lunch cookout. After they left we were visited by my grandparents, pictured above with Eva.

The trip over to Master Tech was because of my exhaust. I called Midas early in the morning to see if their computers were back up and to find out how much it would cost for my car to have the Cat pipe, Intermediate Pipe and muffler replaced. The price came back at $805.00. Ouch. So I called Master Tech to see if that was a good price or what. Eric had me bring in the car so that he could check it out. When I dropped it off her reiterated that he’d be able to fix it for a lot less than $805.00. We are lucky to have a local guy who can help us out and who is reliable and fair.

Our visit with Michele and Bob and the kids was really nice. Eva and Audrey haven’t had much time to play together in a while so they were happy to get together. Allison and Michele haven’t gotten much time to see each other either and so them having some time to talk was good as well. Nate had fun playing with a bunch of games and I had a nice conversation with Bob. We cooked up some burgers and dogs and also enjoyed a delicious potato salad and a equally delicious fruit salad made by Michele. After our lunch we had some special ice cream cones with tasty toppings.

Later on my grandparents arrived. They hadn’t seen the house yet so on a trip home they came by to see the place. They really liked it too. We showed them all around the house and then settled on the front porch. Here we caught this photo of Eva with Grandma and Grandpa. I love Eva’s expression in this photo and have no idea how I caught it because Eva was not the most cooperative while taking them. Grandma and Grandpa stayed for dinner and some dessert. So it was nice to have a good visit with them as we don’t get to see them that often. We’ll have to get down the Cape to see them soon.

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