Wanna send a Celebrity a letter?

Have you ever taken the time to write a fan letter only to have it probably land on the desk of some intern assistant and never have it answered? Well that won’t happen to you if you go through celebritycontacts.com. This website is one where they have up to date celebrity addresses and can help you get in touch with your favorite celebrity.

Celebritycontacts.com has a staff that has been working in entertainment for over 20 years and they research the most accurate information for celebrity reps and their publicists. So if you want to get an autograph or photo or even if you want to submit a script you can use their service. They do not require a monthly fee or membership and charge only a small fee for there contact address.

I think if I was going to contact anyone I would try and contact Alton Brown and see if I could meet him on one of his many appearances. It would be great to see him again and spend some time talking with him. I’d also offer to be an on the road photographer on his next Feasting on Asphalt series and send him my photography portfolio.

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8 thoughts on “Wanna send a Celebrity a letter?”

  1. Years ago, I wrote a fan letter to Chef Paul Prudhomme. I had bought one of his cookbooks (“Seasoned America”, now out of print, but easy to find on the used books market). To this day,m it is still one of my favorites, and I’m on my second copy, I wore out the first one.

    Anyway, I had sent the letter via his “Magi Seasonings” company, and he actually responded. He sent me a very nice letter (not a form letter), along with a personalized autographed bookplate. That was so cool!

    But you know I’d kill to meet AB. I’ve been making his “Good Eats Roast Turkey” for Thanksgiving every year for the past few years, and I will NEVER cook a turkey any other way ever. It’s the best, as is his recipe for turkey soup with the leftover carcass (which I made last night). Yes, Old Bay Seasoning really does taste good in turkey soup!

    I wish he’d write a new book and come up this way to promote it. That would be so cool!

  2. Great tip! There’s a lot of celebrities that I would contact if I got the chance! I’ll have to look into this website to see if I can find the details of my favourites.

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